Create a Gorgeous Contemporary, Rustic or Traditional Home

Create a Gorgeous Contemporary, Rustic or Traditional Home

Work with a talented remodeler to transform your Twin Falls, ID home

Create something timeless and gorgeous out of the outdated home you live in now. The skilled construction crew at Nelson Homes specializes in contemporary, rustic and traditional home styles in Twin Falls, ID. We’ll come up with a floor plan, budget and plan to update your appliances and fixtures to match your home’s new style.

Our builders collaborate with you throughout the entire process – we’ll never leave you in the dark about the timeline or cost. Contact us at 208-736-8400 to get started

Home Remodeling

Remodel these 3 rooms first to add the most value

If you’re trying to sell your home soon, you probably need to invest in a few renovations first. Here are three of the most valuable rooms to focus your renovation efforts on:

1. Your kitchen: Most homebuyers list the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in a new house.
2. Your master bedroom: A luxurious master bedroom can help homebuyers more easily see themselves living in your house.
3. Your living room: Since it’s typically one of the most open spaces in the house, a great living room can make the rest of your home seem beautiful, too.

What are you waiting for? Call Nelson Homes to start renovating your Twin Falls, ID home right away.